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70% Dark Chocolate
Dive into the depths of flavor with our 70% Dark Chocolate. Crafted for those who savor the rich and robust notes of cocoa, this chocolate is a true testament to the purity of Nigerian cocoa beans.
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40% Dark Chocolate
A harmonious balance between cocoa and sweetness, our 40% Dark Chocolate offers a medium intensity that's perfect for those new to the world of dark chocolates or those who prefer a slightly milder flavor profile
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30% Dark Chocolate
Delicately crafted for a creamy and lush experience, our 30% Dark Chocolate is a gentle introduction to the dark chocolate realm, offering subtle cocoa notes complemented by a smooth and velvety texture. Cards Offer
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10% Dark Chocolates
For those who enjoy just a whisper of cocoa amidst creamy sweetness, our 10% Dark Chocolate is the ideal treat. It's the lightest in our dark chocolate range, offering a delicate taste that's perfect for every day.
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Independence Promo
For a limited time only, indulge in the rich flavors of TIWA Chocolates and enjoy a special 20% discount on all our products! Whether you're craving our signature dark chocolate, our velvety milk variety, or our tantalizing cocoa-infused delights, now's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or gift a loved one.

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